Actions Sports to Compliment Any Occasion
Stunt Shows

Experience the thrill and excitement of the action sports at your next assembly or event. Our shows are a perfect way to entertain and motivate. We perform for schools, fairs, corporate events, and anything in between. If you’re looking for something unforgettable, this is it.

Mobile Skatepark

You supply the space and we supply the fun. Our mobile skatepark is a unique way to get your group up and active. Wether you need to entertain a small group or want to throw a bash for the masses, our mobile skateparks will have them lining up for a chance to attend.


We do action sports right. Our events range from contests at local skateparks to fundraising events to help you get one. No matter what you want to do P9 Entertainment can make it a reality. Our team can handle every aspect of your event to ensure it’s fun, safe and one to remember.


Need help? We’re here. With decades in the action sports, P9 Entertainment has the advice you need. Our consulting services pertain to all aspects of action sports from skatepark construction to running contests. Let us what you want to do and we’ll help you do it right.


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P9 Entertainment is a Company Rooted in Action Sports
"We're here to share all the great things Action Sports has to offer."

Plan Nine founders Casey Otto and Tim Newsham have both been fortunate enough to work in the action sports industry throughout their entire careers. Both of them have been heavily involved in stunt shows, skateparks, ramp construction, competitions, and just about everything else you could find in action sports.
All this experience has grown into a wealth of knowledge about BMX and the industry as a whole. So much so that they wanted to do something for the actions sports instead of just working in it. Enter P9 Entertainment. The company was built around the idea of stunt shows and traveling the world with the idea to motivate people with action sports. What came of that idea was a way to use all the skills they have available to offer services to just about anyone wanting to spectate or participate in action sports.
P9 Entertainment was launched in 2012 and has been growing ever since. We hope it can serve you and more than that, we hope it will help you fall in love with action sports the same way we have.

  • Participants

    Percent of American Youths Involved in Action Sports

  • Accessibility

    Percent of Americans within 100 Miles of a Skatepark

  • Frequency

    Percent of Action Sports Enthusiast that Participate More than 30 Times Annually


We Do This Because We Love It
Casey Otto
Casey has over 20 years of experience in action sports. From competitions, contest organization and management, to owning his own skatepark for over a decade there is nothing he can’t tackle. He has both the love and know how to put together action sports events of any type.
Tim Newsham
Tim has helped bring action sports to many different communities all across the country for over ten years. He is the epitome of outgoing and energetic while bringing his personality to everything he does at P9 Entertainment. Every event, show, or even a local session at the skatepark is a blast when Tim is on hand.

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